Not ‘just’ a mum… Being a Mumpreneur instead

Being a Mumpreneur or a woman in business can be hard enough day to day without having a conversation that makes you think we have gone back in time to the 1940’s.

Let me explain with summing up a situation I found myself in just last week.

Overview of a conversation I had with a dad at the school gates after the usual pleasantries:

Man:    I do not usually do the school run but I thought I would give my wife the day off.

Me:      It’s not too bad, although I tend to do the school pick up and my husband does the morning drop off, he’s a morning person, I’m a night owl.

Man:    What? He does the drop off every day?? Does he mind? What do you do whilst he’s doing that?

Me:      I am not sure he minds at all, I mean the kids are as much his as they are mine. I own my own business so i will go into work, go to the gym, or sleep in, whichever takes my fancy on that day to be honest.

Man:    Ohhhhh! I’m not sure about that at all, (visibly troubled). Who keeps the house while you do that then? Why do you that? Does your husband not earn enough to keep you?


I am sure I can’t be the only one that often comes across the misconception that mums should stay at home as the main carer of their children and partners. (Or worse still; when stay at home mums are referred to as full time mums whilst working mothers are referred to as ‘part-time’ mums, but that is a whole different article right there)

Is it really too much to ask that a woman can WANT to be more than a wife and a mother. Can we not appreciate that a mother is JUST as capable as any other person, with or without child, male or female, to create a business which can provide them the freedom, the financial stability and the lifestyle that they want and in fact deserve.

Look, let’s not get it twisted, I am the first to admit that I am THAT mother that shares an obscene amount of photos on social media and I am proud to shout about every milestone my two children achieve. I am a great mum, I love my children, in fact I am obsessed with them (so much so that I am often caught by my husband standing in their rooms watching them sleeping, in a non creepy way, obviously). I would hand on heart walk through hell on earth to keep them safe and provide them with everything they need, as I am sure you would yours.

HOWEVER, I am not defined only by my role as a mother, I am far more than that …. I am an Entrepreneur (or a Mumpreneur). I brim with ideas and ambition, I see opportunities to make money that other people just do not see or haven’t got the confidence to do. My brain works at a 100 miles an hour and I believe that we can achieve anything and everything that we put our minds to, nothing is impossible in my eyes.

The fact is, having my children witness me grafting for the home we live in, holidays we go on, the extra-curricular activities they love is even more of a ‘WHY’ for me, it makes me hungrier than ever before to succeed. I am their role model, not the latest reality star, famous for 15 minutes.

I want my girls to grow up with the belief that they can be anyone they want to be. I want them to live life like they have no limits. I want them to feel equal, not inferior. I want them to challenge themselves, to be inspired and have a positive mental attitude. Most of all I want them to be true to themselves and be happy.

How can I want those things for them and be a role model to them if I do not live for those same hopes and ambitions for myself. I know I was born to be a mother and an entrepreneur, not one, not either, BOTH, which is why I love the word Mumpreneur so much. I believe that one word is a good a word as any to sum up who I am.

That is my answer to people who ask me why I do what I do, yes it is hard work and yes sometimes I think I could quite easily jack it all in and bake cakes all day but that really is not me. It was not me before having children so why should it be me after having children?? I am not a women to be kept, I am me, mother and an entrepreneur.

Luckily, it seems more so recently than ever before, I am not actually as alone as I felt 5 years ago. There are many other women starting their own businesses alongside being a mother every day.

Definition of mumpreneur:

“A woman who combines running a business enterprise with looking after her children” Collins English Dictionary 2016

“The number of female entrepreneurs has nearly doubled in the uk according to a new report published, it elaborates that 59% of entrepreneurs under 35 years old are female and overall female entrepreneurs are more successful compared to their male counterparts. In another report it states “businesses run by mothers is thriving in the UK, and generated a huge £7.2 billion in 2014” (Office for National Statistics)

Although these statistics are fantastic to see, I know all too well how lonely the reality of this journey can be and that is why I have put together ‘The Unique Mumpreneur’ a community that you can turn to for help, guidance and reassurance. A community that can help you start or grow your business, a community where you feel safe and understood, where you are not judged for wanting a career/business as well as wanting to be a great mother. A community that ultimately ‘gets you’.

I believe as women we should be building each other up, praising and applauding rather than bitching and pulling down. The pressure to have it all and be perfect from society, loved ones and ourselves can be overwhelming. That is why I am all about promoting realness, positivity and the journey.

It was my dream to do this since the day I decided to become a Mumpreneur and I am so happy that I have made it happen. So come on in, this is your open invitation, I am here to help you on YOUR journey.

I believe in you, but the question is do you believe in yourself?

Jo xx

P.s I would love to hear about your experiences with wanting/being a Mumpreneur. There is nothing I love more than hearing your stories.

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