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The Unique Mumpreneur

Welcome to The Unique Mumpreneur Do you want the freedom to make your own decisions? Do you want to have the lifestyle you deserve? Do you want to be there for every milestone of your child’s life? Do you want all of this but do not have a clue where to start? Then you could be a Mumpreneur, just like me!! I bet you are thinking what is a Mumpreneur? Well here is the definition according to Collins dictionary: “Mumpreneur noun: a woman who combines running a business enterprise with looking after her children.” If you feel that the above description resonates with you then you have come to the right place, WELCOME! Here you will find lots of tools and guidance you need to start and build the business you want, and be part of the amazing Unique Mumpreneur community that gives you all the support you need along the way. I know from experience just how hard it is to start a business from an idea or a hobby and turn it into an actual profit making business, all whilst providing for your children, financially and emotionally. That’s why I knew as soon as I could I wanted to build a community providing all the […]


Why it’s time to ditch the mum guilt

I’ve seen the above quote on social media a few times this week. As well as making me laugh out loud, I think it perfectly sums up what it’s like to be a parent – especially a mum – in this day and age. The many, many reasons to feel ‘mum guilt’ are everywhere! I don’t know about you but when I talk to my female friends or clients, mum guilt always rears its head before long. The working mums feel like they’re not at home with the kids enough or that they’re not always a fully present member of their work teams. The stay at home mums feel like the house should always be pristine or that they shouldn’t ever let the kids watch TV – God forbid they turn to the electronic babysitter! The entrepreneurial mums beat themselves up for splitting their focus between their children and their business. And that’s just the big picture stuff. Even the little decisions can turn us mums inside out with guilt. Are we giving our children too much screen time? Do we shout and nag too much? Was it wrong to give them beans on toast for tea again last night? […]


An interview with Mumpreneur… Lesley Fox

Tell us a bit about yourself and your career background? My name is Lesley Fox, and I am 30 years old. I own Fox and Rainbow, a small business, run through Etsy and Facebook, making printed clothing. Here’s something that not many people know about me. I have NEVER had a 9-5 Job. I’ve never applied for one, never wanted one. My original career goal was to become a Sports Therapist. However, when I returned from university with my degree, my Dad I offered me the Window Cleaning business that I had helped him to set up at a mere 11 years old. It was easy, I knew the people, what I was doing, and I loved choosing my own hours. However, it wasn’t particularly fulfilling. It did however, help me understand that I wanted to set up something that was solely mine, and so what is now Fox and Rainbow was born. Tell us about your business? (for example, when you started it, what it does, how many employees if any) My small business, Fox and Rainbow, originally created beautiful cards and wedding invitations. Though, after the arrival of my second baby I realised that I could use my […]

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International Women’s Day event at the Peterborough Cathedral

Some of you may have seen on social media yesterday that I was lucky enough to speak at an International Women’s Day event at the Peterborough Cathedral. It was lovely to see many Mumpreneurs at the event but I know many of you could not make it due to prior commitments, so I thought I would share with you my presentation with you all as many have asked me too. When I was asked to do this talk there was so many things that I could of spoke about such as my business journey, or the lessons I have learnt on the way. But I thought instead I would talk about what I would want my two daughters to hear if they were fortuante enough to go to an event like this. Number 1: There is no time line to life. The more I speak to teenagers and women the more I am aware of the pressure they feel to have their ‘perfect’ life. They feel this pressure comes society and the people around them which then leads to pressure that they then put on themselves. We grow up believing that there is a timeline of life that we should […]


National Apprentice Week

Hey, Chelsie here! As this week is National Apprentice Week I thought I would take the opportunity to explain what working for The Unique Mumpreneur (TUM) has done for me and why apprenticeships are so important. Before starting at The Unique Mumpreneur I had dropped out of college and was working part time for a company that I hated, I felt a little lost and wasn’t confident at all. After being introduced to Jo in January last year she gave me the opportunity to start an apprenticeship in business admin whilst helping her grow The Unique Mumpreneur brand. 15 months later I am still here and loving it. Since starting my apprenticeship I have grown so much as a person. I have gone from not being able to make a phone call to running a mastermind table at our last networking event. I have also gone from not having a Facebook account to designing ecards, scheduling posts and even showing Jo how to create a powerpoint presentation!! When I first started my apprenticeship my main duties were, note-taking, researching and making drinks to now doing so much more. For example, my day to day duties include: Creating and replying to […]

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#PressforProgress – celebrating International Women’s Day 2018

“The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organisation but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights.” Gloria Steinem   Thursday 8th March is International Women’s Day (IWD) 2018, a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. This important event was started by the suffragette movement in 1911 and has taken place every year since. In some countries throughout the world, it has become a national holiday where women celebrate their accomplishments and men honour their wives, mothers, sisters, girlfriends, female friends and colleagues with small gifts and flowers. Striving for gender parity I’ve been thinking about the significance of International Women’s Day a lot this year. Global movements such as #MeToo and #TimesUp have brought the issue of gender parity (“the state or condition of being equal”) into the foreground and have shown once again that equality is still something we must strive towards. With so many women now holding positions in business and public life, and with greater equality in legislative rights, it would be easy to think that true equality has been achieved. However, we barely need to scratch at […]


An interview with Mumpreneur… Christine Hadfield

Tell us a bit about yourself and your career background? My name is Chris, I am married with two small children. I have worked with children and their families for 18 years in various roles. My last job was working in the NHS for 8 years along side the health visiting team. Tell us about your business? (for example, when you started it, what it does, how many employees if any) My business is ‘The little cherry tree company’, I started it around 6 months ago, initially it was offering Infant massage classes and this has expanded to offering a variety of Parenting workshops. I currently do not employ any staff but I have not ruled this out if the business expands the way that I plan it too. Every parent has a different journey and my aim is to help families to have knowledge that gives them more tools in their parenting belt! I don’t work with one rule fits all, I get to know the families to learn about what their parenting beliefs are and what kind of parent they are, before moving forwards with any support packages. What inspired you to start your business? I didn’t like […]



Decluttering, the modern cure for a modern illness. Many of us live under the impression that surrounding ourselves with more possessions and objects will make us happier – but whether it’s at home or at work, reducing clutter, using less and organising it better can help us focus in on what we REALLY value. Reducing clutter also helps us to spend less and to use our time doing the things we really love and feel more content with life. Clutter – a Modern Illness. There are many things that contribute to clutter building up around us. First of all, in recent years, we’ve started to shop by default. We all have more money and evermore sophisticated advertising persuades us that we need to have the latest, the best, the most sophisticated, more, to improve our existence. Cheaper shops and credit cards have made it easier to spend money, building an illusion that we are getting bargains, but just leaving us with more than we actually need. Then there’s time … or the lack of it. We divide our lives between work, family, hobbies, socialising, travelling. Managing our home is no longer a priority and can wait another week or month. […]


How to make time to work on (not in) your business

When was the last time that you spent time working on your business, not in it? In other words, when did you last think about the big picture stuff like your goals for the next 12 months, your marketing strategy, or planning a new product launch? When you’re an entrepreneur, one of the biggest hurdles is finding time for planning, strategising or building your business. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day demands of running a business, especially if you work alone or only have a small team to support you. Tasks like updating your social media, talking to customers, doing your bookkeeping, writing blogs, updating your online shop, etc. can all leave you so busy that you don’t have a minute to think about what it’s all for or how you can grow your business. Actually, the thought of growing your business may send you into a cold sweat right now! I mean, how can you take more on – as it may seem – when you barely have a moment to yourself as it is? This can be a wake-up call for solopreneurs and small business owners. When you decided to grab your career destiny […]

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New Baby = New Business? WHY NOT?!

Early last week, I received an influx of messages from friends and clients asking if I’d seen TV and radio broadcaster Katy Hill’s blog article entitled, “New Baby = New Business? WHAT?!” Curious, I hopped over to the site to read what Katy had to say. The first words that leapt out at me were “Start a Business During Your Maternity Leave? Are you fu*@ing KIDDING me?” Oh dear. It was clear that Katy and I may have a difference in opinion. In the article, Katy says she ‘nearly stacked into a nearby tree with rage’ when she heard someone mention on a podcast that they help mums start a business while on maternity leave. She pinpointed a ‘worrying and growing trend’ where new mums are under pressure to launch a business at the same time as recovering from birthing a tiny human, and described the possibility of achieving this as ‘a myth – often fuelled by social media’. As Katy puts it: Life isn’t going anywhere.  If you’ve got big dreams inside you – AMAZING! By all means – dream, dream, dream the biggest bloody dream you’ve ever dared to so that, one day, you can make that dream happen. […]


An interview with Mumpreneur… Sarah Drawwater

Tell us a bit about yourself and your career background? I have always enjoyed being creative though until recent times had not found the right outlet for that creativity. My past careers included mainly accountancy, which fulfilled my love of using technology, but not very often the creative part of me (except from my love for an excel report and a beautifully organised chart). Tell us about your business? (for example, when you started it, what it does, how many employees if any) I started my business after going back to work part time after my second baby. I had been back to work for just one year after my first but knew that whole time it wasn’t forever as I was going to have another. On returning for a second time (and last time) it just didn’t feel right, I had a great boss and lovely company to work for, but I wanted to be with my babies more. It was then I decided to take my passion for my own photographs one step further, and make it work around my family too… So, my business is now based around editing other people’s photographs allowing them to capture the […]


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