I’m Jo, besotted mother of two beautiful girls, a wife and founder of the Serenity Loves brand and now The Unique Mumpreneur.

I have been asked so many times, whether you are born with or can acquire the entrepreneurial spirit. I believe I was personally born an entrepreneur. As a child I was known for designing and creating puzzle books and selling them to family members, neighbours and anyone inbetween. A story which still gets brought up at family get-togethers today.

As I got older, I tried my hand at A level business studies and a further business course at college however neither course captured my imagination and to be honest I found it utterly mind-numbing due to the theory and numbers based learning. I wanted to meet people, see results and make money!

Moving into the world of work I had many jobs involving customer service and sales, the job I liked the most was in a well known high street, retailing store, where being able to create deals and make money was part of the job description, I loved it!!!

After years of earning amazing money but with no sight of a long term ‘career’ I just felt like something was missing so I made the decision to retrain and formed a career within childcare. Now you may be thinking how did I move from sales into childcare? Well childcare was my other passion, it allowed me to use my nurturing personality that I have had from a child.

Fast forward to the day I found out I was pregnant. We sat there in shock, this was something that was supposed to happen much further down our relationship, however the reality was it was happening right now. After the initial shock, the one thing that I was crystal clear about was that I was not going to have someone else dictate my life day to day when it involved my children.

I was not going to allow anyone to tell me  I could not watch my children in their Christmas plays or sports days, like I had witnessed happen many a time to the some of the parents whose children I looked after at the nursery.

I knew I had to have the freedom to control my diary and my life, so with this in mind…


I founded Hallmark Carpets & Flooring in 2009, in partnership with my husband, whilst I was on maternity leave with our oldest daughter. Did I know anything about that industry? No I didn’t, but I still made it a success. Then in 2011, whilst pregnant with my second daughter, I had the idea of a one stop hair and beauty salon with a supervised crèche, which led me to open the doors to Serenity Loves.

I had never worked a day in a salon in my life and had no idea about that industry either. But how hard could it be though?? I had given birth, naturally, how would anything be harder than that, right? WRONG, I was so very wrong.

Starting Serenity Loves was possibly the scariest thing I have ever done in my life. I had no guidance, no one I knew had started a business on the same scale I saw for my business, so I just put my head down and ploughed through. I am proud to say five years on the business is thriving, we have a strong brand, have doubled our workforce, have won multiple local and national awards and have a huge number of social media fans, including that of many celebs.

I do not say that to brag, I say it so you can see, it can be done. Whether you believe you were born to be an entrepreneur or you have only realised your aspirations later in life, you can be a mother and an entrepreneur, and successful business owner. I have proved that for all to see. I have built myself a reputation of a successful multi-award winning mumpreneur.

Of course, I made mistakes, I made a lot of them but ultimately I have learned so much about myself, about others and most importantly so much more about business. One thing I wanted and needed throughout the whole journey was guidance, and I just couldn’t find it, it would have been so much easier with it!


I believe business is a journey where you can create results whilst throwing in a little fun for good measure!! I truly believe that if you have an idea you can have a business, and if you have a business you can achieve a profit. You do not need to believe you were born an entrepreneur like me, you just have to follow a successful system and surround yourself with like-minded people.

Now, let me be clear, I don’t believe in the airy fairy ‘ask the universe and it will deliver everything on a plate for you’ malarkey. I believe that successful businesses are made as a result of determination, hard work and a positive outlook. I achieved my success through nothing more than self-motivation and sheer determination, but the Lord knows it would have been a lot easier with some help, support and guidance.

Anyone saying they can make you rich by you working 2 hours a day, is full of BS. You have to work hard for however long needed to build and grow your brand, then systemise it in a way that lets you have the freedom you crave and desire.

This may be not exactly what you want to hear me say, but that’s exactly what you will find with me. I say it as it is, I don’t see through rose-tinted glasses, love me or hate me, I achieve results and by working with me and my amazingly talented team you can achieve the same success and freedom.

We are on a mission to provide you with the tools and support to unlock your potential and to achieve the ‘impossible’.

Any of this resonating with you?

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